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My Journey to the Altar: changing my last name

I AM MARRIED! Holy cramoly! One thing I found that really sucked is that the marriage felt so incomplete until our Marriage License came in and I could start legally changing my name! As it turns out, the process is mildly annoying but can be made easier with some prep! About a month before the wedding I did a bit of research and had a list with some necessary things to change, and how to go about changing them which made the process bearable.

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My Journey to the Altar ~ 11 Things We Cut

When it comes to weddings there are so many “traditions” and it can be tough to navigate them all. It is also not necessary to honor every single one of them, as the origin of some of them do not always translate to the 21st century. After thinking long and hard, here are the things that we will be ditching, and why!

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