Social Media Detox | My Experience

Logo Design and image by: Kreative Eye Studios

Logo Design and image by: Kreative Eye Studios

I was in a sour mood all of the time. I would see friends and family members expecting their children and find that I would be sad. Sad that we are waiting to try for kids until after we are married instead of being excited for them or even being excited about our upcoming wedding. I would see passive aggressive memes shared by people and wonder if they were directed at me. I would stew about it for days. I would see a news article and get overworked about it only to find that it was not reputable and fear was being spread falsely. There were so many situations where I would get off of Facebook or Instagram and my mood would take a turn for the worst.

I do believe that there is at time and a place for social media, and I do not think I would get rid of it fully, but I decided to do a little experiment and see what life would be like without the distraction. Here are some of my thoughts through the month:

  • I got so much more work done without checking my Facebook through out the day!

  • I found that without turning off my alarm and scrolling through my Facebook timeline while laying in bed, I was ready for work 10 minutes early.

  • My mood improved. Without seeing people’s passive aggressive memes, random status updates of complaints, or news articles, I was able to focus on my life. Focus on the things that matter most.

  • I realized who some of my closest friends were. Who the people were who contacted me outside of Facebook. Who kept me informed of events happening knowing that I was not being notified of events etc.

  • I also realized that EVERYTHING happens on Facebook. I was out of the loop on so many things. Which really does suck.

  • Instagram is a business tool yes, but I have never, ever, booked a client off of it. Other than letting clients into my personal life, it really has not been doing anything for me. So I deleted it.

  • Snap Chat was taking up a lot of time of my life. I found myself going through life thinking “I should snap this.” I want to go through life and value experiences for me, not for being able to share with the world on social media. So I deleted all contacts from my SnapChat other than family members and close friends who send me cute videos and images of my nieces and nephews.

In conclusion. I did not feel like I was missing out completely with taking a small break from social media, but I did feel like I was missing a little. So, I will not delete Facebook, but will try and limit to being on there for a purpose and not just scrolling for 5 minutes at a time. I will focus on living my life for me and my loved ones and for creating memories for myself, not to share.

All in all, fun experiment that did help me curb my social media addiction slightly!