The Couple That Sleds Together, Stays Together


When I first met with Dayna and Damon, they mentioned that they are avid dirt bikers and snowmobilers, and that they wanted to incorporate their sleds into their engagement session and wanted to know if that was something that I would be up for. For those of you who remember, last year (2017) snowmobiling was a session on my Annual Bucket List Deal, so immediately I was giddy with excitement!

Our original plan was to actually go sledding somewhere, perhaps up a mountain top, but Dayna recently broke her wrist and had surgery on it, so a longer venture was not an option. Instead we drove about an hour and a half out to a location where both of them sled often and took our images on the side of the road by the river. It was a gorgeous afternoon and when the fog started to roll in, it stepped the beauty up a level!

There was so much snow where we were, at one point while I was doubling with Dayna, I had to get off of the sled to allow for some tactful maneuvering and sunk way down into the snow! Almost at waist level! So after that the snowshoes came out, but the damage was done and I was soaked and beautifully numb by the time the session was over LOL!

I am so excited for this wedding and I am hopeful that the dirt bikes will come out! I also here that there is a pet pig, so if he/she makes an appearance, I would be ecstatic!

Dayna and Damon, thank you for giving me a glimpse of your winter lifestyle! I cannot wait for your big day!