My Journey to the Altar - Song Options

Kreative Eye Studios

Kreative Eye Studios

So I always thought that choosing songs for the wedding would be easy, and boy was I wrong! First, we do not have a “song.” Mainly because we do not have the same taste in music and because Collin, like most men, doesn’t listen to the words and get all mushy like us girls do.

So, every song that I have suggested has been met with a very hard NO! Songs that I feel express our relationship perfectly or are perfectly romantic, are too slow in his eyes! We have agreed on a few and given them to a friend of ours who will be singing our first dance song, and we have left it to him to decide! LOL!

Here is a list of MY top contenders. Some of them will probably be used for walking down the aisle, into the reception, and the first group dance song and one of the first dance options is in here too!

I Choose U - Timeflies

I absolutely love this song but have no idea how one would dance to the course romantically.

With You - Tyler Shaw

I Choose You - Ryann Darling

When a Momma’s Boy Meets and Daddy’s Girl - Aaron Pritchett

I feel like this would be perfect since Collin is very much a momm’a boy and I am 100% a daddy’s girl!

For You - James TW

“Netflix in bed, it’s honestly sounding so amazing. Just you and me, is that so crazy?” This line alone sells this song for me!

By My Side - Tyler Shaw

“I can get through anything, with you by my side.” - Bring on the tears!

This Is It - Scotty McCreery

I can’t even, just tears ….

Found You - Austin Mahone

I wanted this one as a first dance song so bad, but this is way too slow for my other half’s liking. Insert sad face here.

Change Your Name - Chase Bryant

This song is so overdone, but gives me chills!

All To Myself - Dan + Shay

Shut up and Dance - Walk The Moon

Drunk on your Love - Brett Eldredge

Keep scrolling for my Father Daughter ideas!

And for some song options for dancing with my Daddy!

Cinderella - Steven Curtis Chapman

Stealing Cinderalla - Chuck Wicks

My Girl - The Temptations

I would LOVE some suggestions for songs here!

And I will leave you all with some dances with the bride and her dad because these always make me cry!


- Bree