My Journey to the Altar ~ Budget Items I Overlooked

Image Credit: Kreative Eye Studios

Image Credit: Kreative Eye Studios


When we set up our wedding budget, we considered the larger items but smaller expenses slipped through the cracks. I even used wedding budget tools and read blog, after blog, but it was hard to account for EVERY little thing. Especially when plans changed, or minds changed (mine). So, before finalizing your own budget, be sure to review these expenses that we overlooked to make sure that you have everything covered.



When we planned for our invitations, I completely forgot to account for the stamps that I would need to mail them all. And when I did finally add postage into the budget, I did not take into account the invitations that needed to be mailed internationally! Also, don’t forget to add thank you card postage into that budget as well. This is not budget related, but make sure to save all of the addresses that you get for after the wedding when you send out thank you cards! I forgot to write the addresses down that were sent via text and now I have to go back to my guests and re-ask for their addresses!


This is the most important item on the marriage to do list, and we knew that we needed one, but somehow missed it on the budget! The price of a marriage license in BC is $100. In Prince George, these can be bought at Service BC on 5th. Fun fact: both parties do not need to be there to apply for the marriage license. I thought that both Collin and I had to be in attendance to apply, but if one person has the ID for both parties, they can apply for it.


I got my dress and in the excitement did not even take into consideration what I would be wearing underneath it! My dress is extremely low cut, so I will need a special bra which I am sure will not be cheap and then I of course will most likely want matching undies. For accessories, I factored in the shoes, the hair piece and the getting ready robe, but not the earnings, necklace or clutch. I thought that I would wear the same necklace that I wear everyday, but after much consideration decided that I wanted something special for my big day. And a clutch … well something is needed to carry space lip gloss, sun screen, tissue etc. Accessories can set a bridal look apart and you will want to make sure that you have it in your budget to feel like the queen that you are!


Think waxing, nails, pedicure, and massage. These things were not even on my radar for my budget (expect for nails which is a regular thing for me). As we get closer to the big day, I realize that I want all the things/all the pampering! A massage to relax the week before, waxing (including arm pits to avoid ANY stubble the day of), pretty gel nails to make my ring pop and a pedicure to rid my heels of any dry cracking! It is crazy how these little details can instantly make a woman feel so much more confident!


Ok, so I must admit something - I bought my bridal party gifts so early on, that I blew my budget on this so many times. I just love my tribe of girls so much and when I would see little things that would be perfect for them, I would keep adding! So I ended up having to buy a box for each of them! We also needed bags for the guys as their gift is oddly shaped and wouldn’t fit in a box and could not be wrapped. Even thought I bought the packaging at the dollar store and did my own calligraphy (via tracing from the computer screen), all of the little things end up adding up! I cannot wait to show you all what was in the boxes after our wedding day. I promise to share little blog posts about the details!



This was 100% an afterthought for me! I don’t know why! I would never in a million years consider letting our rings be just carried loose in someones pocket - that just seems ludicrous to me! But, one day I was walking around Dandy Lines looking for a client gift, and came across the cutest little box which was the PERFECT size to carry two wedding bands in! It was an instant head shake moment as to why I never thought to get a box before, but there it was, THE box! Stunning for detail shots, and protection from the elements (a 7 year old walking down the aisle with them!). So I grabbed it off the shelf, paid for it, and went on my marry little way. Completely forgetting that I was there for a client gift! ha



I don’t know why i thought that this was included in the cost of the wedding dress when buying from a dress shop, but I did (silly me!). This is one of the most important items of clothing that I will ever wear, and it has to look perfect and fit perfect! And this is not just a small cost, we are talking about $250ish!

In Summary

Well there you have it! My oopsie moments when it comes to our budget. And as we get closer to the big day, I am sure that there will be more. I may have to update this post as time goes on! Were there things that you missed on your budget? Comment below and let all of us brides know!

- bree