Tribe BOP Loyalty

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Once you have reached 3 sessions with me (or a wedding), you reach Tribe BOP status!!

But what does that mean, Bree? Well, let me tell you ... 

My session prices have recently increased to $375 for a portrait session with all digital images included. With the rising cost of living, etc, my session prices will most likely see the occasional increase over the years (especially if I manage to FINALLY take BOP full time). BUT, by being a loyal client of mine and reaching Tribe BOP status, you will be FOREVER locked in at the low price of $275. So, no matter what my session fee increases to, you will only pay the Tribe BOP price (unless you book a seasonal promo at a lower price such as a mini session or bucket list promo). 


Buy 2 Get 1 Free! 

Starting this fall 2019, once you, a Tribe BOP member, have purchased two sessions, you will receive a mini session at no charge! 


The best part, even though as a Tribe BOP member you are locked in at a discounted rate, my referral program still applies! The more you refer to BOP, the lower the price of your next session is! 


- Bree