Prom 2019 | Kelly Road Secondary School


I moved to Prince George in 2009 and Jenna’s mom, Darcie, is one of the first people that I met while here. Back then, Jenna was just this little girl running around the house while I was in the kitchen getting my hair cut! As she got older, Darcie and I started to plan creative shoots with her as our model, including;

  • Little Red Riding Hood

  • Alice in Wonderland

  • Rockstar

  • Ice Princess

Watching Jenna grow in the gorgeous, humble, kind, and funny as hell young woman that she is today has been so cool. Having her in front of my camera over the years has been an absolute honor.

When Darcie mentioned to me when Jenna’s prom was, it was no question as the whether I was available to photograph her! I knew that she would be drop dead gorgeous, and I was 100% right! What was also cool is that her friends and their dates met us downtown briefly for some shots. They were also absolutely stunning!

And that dress … HOLY MOLY! Jenna had a vision of what she wanted the top of her dress to look like. After searching far and wide with no luck, Caitlin came into the picture and made it from scratch! Wowza, that is talent!

Dress: Lovely Notions
Makeup: Polished Chaos
Hair: Studio Cheveux