My Journey to the Altar ~ I Said Yes


Chapter one | I AM ENGAGED

Working in the wedding industry, it is only natural that I pretty much have my entire wedding planned already, and did within about 2 weeks. The one thing I hear most often from brides is that they had no idea where to start or what to expect when it came to planning their wedding.

So, I have decided to start a series of blog posts about my wedding planning journey!

To do that though, I need to start at the beginning!

Our very first snap shot together

Our very first snap shot together

Collin and I met through mutual friends, when we were strategically all carpooling together to a friends birthday bash. We started the night at our friends house, the ones who knew that we would make a great couple. I had no idea that he would be there. I probably would have dressed much differently and I definitely would have showered instead of throwing my hair in a messy pony! But I guess what I was wearing worked because I left that night with his phone number. I texted him so that he had my number before I even left the driveway.

Fast forward to three years later!


We were on a road trip around Vancouver Island and the Sunshine Coast. I do not know about you ladies, but I had a feeling. My ring radar was off the charts. I KNEW. I knew that I was coming home with a ring on my finger. However, the way that it was done was not what I expected at all. Actually, I fully expected for Collin to get down on one knee while we were on the dock in the picture above.

We went to Tofino for the day and after not being able to find last minute lodging in the area, we made a bed in the back of the SUV and camped out at the Kennedy Lake rest stop. It was just after sunset and there was a golden band over the mountains across the lake. It was gorgeous, and I was oblivious to Collin behind me taking the ring box out of his pocket. I had a bottle of wine, and was watching the sun go down … I was distracted. The next thing I knew Collin was crouched down beside me with a ring in his hand.


It was the perfect night. I was surprised with the proposal and there was no cell service for us to call anyone right after. It was just the two of us sharing a bottle of wine, cuddled up on the beach talking about wedding plans!

Professional engagement images by: Kreative Eye Studios

Professional engagement images by: Kreative Eye Studios

So there you have it! My “yes” moment!

I would love to hear from you! Are there questions that you would like answered that would help with your planning? What would you like to see and hear about my planning experience?

I cannot wait to share this exciting journey with you all!