Stylized Session | Hixon Falls


Hair: Studio Cheveux 

Makeup: MP Makeup Artistry 

Photography: Bree Orser Photography 

Model: Jenna Grey 
Snapchat documentor: Jenna Grey 
Rescue Team: The Brownscombes 

What an adventure this entire session turned out to be!

The drive in was absolutely gorgeous, and it was not until we were too far down the last hill to turn back that we realized that we most likely were not getting back up. But before worrying about that, we just went forward with our session! 

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Now, for the story that made this day an adventure .... 

After the fun of the session was over, and our model was back in warm clothes with the heat on in the car, we were ready to head home.... It would not be that simple! 

We could not even get out of the parking lot without Darcie backing up the car, and me pushing on it from the front! Remember that hill I told you about at the beginning of this post? Well, that was our next challenge. I tried about 3 times and each time we would come to a point where the car just could not go any further, and had to reverse back down. On the 4th try while backing down, I ended up in the ditch. Eventually we were able to get ourselves out, but I was tired from driving, so Darcie tried giving it a shot. After a few tries up the hill, she just stopped the car in the middle of the hill and we admitted defeat. 

*Notice that at this point I am stressed out and about to cry, and Darcie and Jenna are still having a blast on this adventure*  


We were extremely lucky that there was cell service at the top of the hill, and that I have friends in Hixon who were able to come to our rescue right away. Eventually the car ended up back at the bottom of the hill, parked until we could come up with a plan B. 

 *The CRV's final resting spot* 


Our rescuers bundled us into their warm truck, and were nice enough to drive us back to PG, where we dropped Darcie and Jenna off with their ride, and then headed back to Hixon to meet my then boyfriend, now fiance, for another attempt at a rescue! 

While waiting for Collin to arrive with his truck, we went to Adam's Mothers house where their daughter was hanging out. Adam's mom was nice enough to lend me some PJ's and throw my soaked through pants in the dryer, and she poured me a glass of wine while we waited. Honestly, it is the smallest gestures in life that have the biggest impact! That small act of kindness meant the world to me!

Chelsea and I headed back to her house to put her daughter to bed, and the boys headed down to the falls to retrieve my poor, lonely car. Thankfully the boys were able to pull the car out first try, and towed it right out to the highway, 5 hours after first getting stuck!

Besides the ice build up in the wheel wells, and an extremely bumpy ride back to PG until it all cleared, the car is completely fine!

The lesson learned was that more detailed scouting of locations is needed, and a 2 wheel drive has no place on back roads! More than these lessons learned, I realized that I have some amazing people in my life. Friends who did not even bat an eye when I told them I was stuck and jumped in their truck right away to come get us, a makeup artist who did not hesitate to offer that she could leave her family ski day and come out and help, a hairdresser and amazing friend who helped to keep the mood light and fun during everything, and a man who eventually jumped in his truck to come to Hixon to rescue me! 

And to end this post off, some behind the scenes shots!