Sarah & Jerred | Eena Lake


I met Sarah and Jerred a few years ago when I photographed their wedding and knew instantly that we would get along like peas in a pod! They are two of the loveliest people that I have ever had the pleasure of working with. Their carefree and loving attitudes are so contagious and their love for one another just radiates. 

Sarah and Jerred just purchased this cute little row boat and this was the inaugural launch! Needless to say we spent the first part of our session on edge wondering if it would take on water! But Jerred proved his seamen skills and had sealed the boat up thoroughly upon purchasing it and everyone stayed dry! Jarrod even managed to catch a small little fish on the boat! It was lost off of the hook, although it was too small to keep anyway. 

We even managed a 5 minute picnic with popcorn and beer before the sky looked like it would open up. We packed up in the nick of time and as soon as we got in the truck, the wind started to get aggressive and the rain started to fall. 

Looking at the sky in these images you would never believe that the storm that night was so bad that streets flooded, trees fell, power went out, and 70+ fires were started by lightning in the Prince George Fire Centre! 

Thanks so much for letting me join in your adventure Sarah and Jerred! I had an absolute blast with you!