A Home Run Proposal

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"You know the feeling when it's bottom of the ninth, the bases are loaded, and you know the next one's coming  right down the middle ... and then ... you just connect ... and for an instant, you know that it's going over the fence and out of the park ... and further than you could ever imagine?" - It Takes Two - 1995 

I can imagine that this was quite like how my big brother Danny felt during his ball game on Saturday, except instead of hitting a home run. he was about to ask his long term girlfriend to marry him. 

It was a 2 pitch tournament. He was pitching to his own team. She stepped up to the plate. First pitch she hits it just passed 2nd base and makes it to first. Danny throws down his glove and drops the ball. He calls time out. Chelsi glares at him, thinking that he was coming to give her crap for doing something wrong. "I made it to base," she says. He struts over to her, kisses her, says "this is happening," and gets down on one knee. The players from both teams and all of the spectators cheer loudly once she says yes. It was a scene straight out of a movie. 

It just so happens that they were playing against our brother and sister-in-laws team, and our mom was there to watch. Immediately after the yes, the family ran over to offer congratulations and I was hiding behind my camera in tears. 

This woman has been a part of our family for almost 8 years now and I can finally, officially, call her my sister-in-law soon and I could not be happier. Congratulations you two, it's about time! 

Congrats you two! I cannot wait to start planning a wedding!