Why Photography?


Why photography?

What made you become a photographer?

Why do you do it?

These are all questions that I get asked all the time. My usual response is that I have always loved taking pictures and one day I decided to take the leap and make it a business. In reality, there is no much more to it than that. 

Is it because I get to meet people of all different personalities and backgrounds? Because I get to see different venues and locations from a different perspective? Maybe it is because through photography I have met a wonderful group of people? Or the fact that I get to witness love every single time I shoot a session, whether it be families, couples, weddings, or children? Perhaps it is because I get to attend multiple weddings a year? It could also maybe be the sense of pride and happiness I feel when a mother cries when she sees an image of her family for the first time since our session? Is it because of when a couple thanks me at a wedding, the bridal party will sometimes clap and cheer enthusiastically, letting me know that they all had a fun experience? The answer is a resounding yes! It is all of these reasons and so many more that I do photography. 

I have, in fact, always loved taking photos, but it was not until I received my first DSLR camera 8 years ago that I discovered my passion for portrait photography. From then on, I was completely and utterly addicted to it. My camera has now become an extension of my arm and I am constantly wanting to learn and grow, and that growth can 100% be seen in my images from when I started, to now.


- Bree