Session Ideas: Engagement and Couples


Are you recently engaged, or just wanting some cute photos of you and your love? Are you struggling with thinking about the type of photos you would like? Are you bored of seeing the standard posed shots in a field or trail? Then this post is for you! Don't get me wrong! I still enjoy the standard posed shots in a field or a trail; they can be gorgeous, but sometimes tailoring a session to a couple is just so darn fun. When thinking of your photos, I would definitely suggest thinking about things you like to do together, and trying to incorporate them. If you are like me and you have a significant other who hates having their photo taken, this may make it more enjoyable for them. 

Stuck? Here are some ideas that I have come up with based on activities that couples like to do together: 

1. Cooking: If you and your significant other love to cook together, I would highly suggest a session in your kitchen where you make a meal, or bake together! These can make some of the cutest shots, and if a food fight breaks out, perfect! 

2. Side by Siding or Quading: In the summer time can you be found out on your toys every chance you get? Then why not get some shots of that! Be creative and have your photographer go ahead of you and get shots of you riding through a mud puddle, kicking up dirt... whatever it is you do! And then stop and get some cute posed shots with the machines in the background. 

3. Snowshoeing: How much fun would it be to do what you love and get photos of it. Snowshoe into a remote place and get some cute shots of you two just enjoying nature and eachother! ummm yes! And to make it that much better, bring along your fur baby if you have one! 

4. Hiking: This one does not need much explaining to paint a picture! Hiking through the forest and ending up at the top of a mountain or at a lake! Beautiful scenery! 

5. Fishing: Fly fishing, ice fishing, or out on your boat; either way, if you love it, it will make for some of your favorite photos. 

6. Wedding Planning: Do you find that you are enjoying planning your wedding together? Let's document that and go cake testing together or to Michael's to pick out craft supplies for decorations! 

7. Build a Puzzle: Not into the adventure of the outdoors, that's ok! Do you love to do puzzles together? A super chill lifestyle session in your home of you doing a puzzle together is just as fun as hiking. 

8. Shopping: Did you just move in together or are you doing renovations? Take me along with you to The Brick to pick out furniture or to Lowes for renovation supplies! 

9. Wine Tasting: Do you both have a passion for wine? The Northern Lights Estate Winery has some amazing lighting in their building, and gorgeous views! And who does not love combining photos with some fruit wine? 

10. Wine Making: Do you bottle your own wine? Document you two bottling your next batch. I can just picture it! Photos of gathering your empty bottles and cleaning them, loading the car, carting them into Hobby Brew's (or wherever you bottle), actually bottling them, then carting them back to the house, then testing a bottle (provided it is one that does not have to sit for a few extra weeks). 

11. The Fair: If you go to the Fair's whenever they are in town this is a no brainer! Super romantic too! Imagine super colorful photos all over the house of you on the Ferris wheel, spinning rides, the carousal, eating cotton candy and ice cream, etc etc, the list is endless of the fun that can be had at the Fair! 

12. Outdoor Mini Golf/Go Carting: Spend a day at the Park Drive-In enjoying some competitiveness between you two! Racing on the Go Carts, and then seeing who can win at Mini Golf.  

13. Horseback Riding: Are you a country couple and love your horses? Get some photos of you saddling up your horses and then head out for a ride. Stop somewhere remote for a picnic. Head back and get shots of you grooming your horses. 

14. Geocaching: Document you two looking for your next Geocache! 

15. Build a Snowman: Build a snowman, have a snowball fight, write your names in the snow, and have some hot chocolate in cute tin cups!

16. Corn Maze: A game of hide and seek in a corn maze? How fun would that be? Unless you cannot find each other ... but that is what phones are for right?

17. Pick Fruit: There is a farm in Prince George that lets you go pick raspberries and blueberries. If you love fresh fruit, photos of you two picking them would be awesome! Then afterwards enjoy some fresh pie at their store!

18. Batting Practice: Are you ball nuts? Do you spend most of your time at the ball field? Get some photos of you two having a one on one ball practice, and then get some awesome shots of you two in the dugout!

19. Driving Range: If you two are avid golfers, let's go to the driving range!

Do you have some fun ideas to add? Comment and let me know what your dream session would be like! I am up for pretty much anything that is going to showcase you as a couple!


- Bree