Bree Orser

Hey there,

I'm Bree.


I am a Prince George, BC based wedding and portrait photographer. I love to focus on the connection between people. My goal is to capture the raw emotion that comes with the interaction between you and your loved ones. The looks, the loving touch, the passion, the friendship, the laughter, and all that comes with the relationships in your life.


Some background on me...

  • Born and raised in the Lower Mainland, Langley, BC.

  • Participated in a youth program called Katimavik right out of highschool.

  • Lived in Orlando and worked at Disney World! (this is not a joke!)

  • I live to travel!

  • I came to PG for a visit and never left.

  • Home base: Salmon Valley.

  • I can pretty much be conned into anything if a bottle of wine or a cup of hot hazelnut coffee is presented to me.

  • Lazy Saturday night’s binge watching a TV series on Netflix with some nachos, popcorn, and tea is pretty much my definition of perfect.

  • I am a hopeless romantic, and I cry at every wedding: real life or fictional.


The rawness of everyday life fascinates me and I want to photograph every single beautiful in between, spontaneous moment. I want my clients to feel emotion when they see their images, and I want their minds to flood with the memory of the exact moment the image was taken.


I 100% believe that choosing a photographer is based on the connection that you feel when you first meet.

You may love my work, but it is impossible to know if we are going to work well together without knowing if we have compatible personalities. So, lets meet for coffee! Or, if you prefer wine, I am all for that too!